Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Havatek Endüstriyel İmalat ve Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. holds ISO 9001, ISO 45001, EN 1090, ASME (S, U, U2, R), ISO 3834 international system certificates. Without compromising quality and safety standards, all projects undertaken by Havatek, are performed in a timely manner with a focus on customer satisfaction.

We, as the Board of Management of Havatek Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş. hereby accept and undertake; 

• To perform our activities in the scope of fabrication and engineering regarding oil, gas, energy and automotive sectors in conformity with customer criteria, national and international standards, current legislation terms and conditions considering internal and external issues, on a fixed time schedule without copromising quality, occupational safety and environmental consciousness,
• To enhance performance of the Quality, OHS and Environment management system by carrying out continuous improvement activities,
• To arrange continuous trainings about Quality, OHS and Environment Management to raise awareness,
• To implement the requirements of the standards with the participation and consultation of all workers/worker’s representatives, to remove the hazards and minimize OHS risks,
• To ensure the security and accessability of all business transactions records are kept on file,
• To adopt an objective of zero accidents, we aim to increase the productivity of the company by maintaining a safe and healthy work environment,
• To protect natural resources and promote environmental stewardship, to keep possible environmental impacts under control from beginning of design process to the end of projects, to implement effective pollution prevention and waste minimization programs for recycling materials and reducing waste,
• To ensure our partners are equally sensitive in fulfilling these responsibilities.

In addition to system control, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to control the products and we can carry out the quality control activities in line with customer requirements and national and international standards.

Destructives Tests
• Tensile Test
• Bend Test
• Impact Test
• Hardness Test
• Fracture Test
• Macroscopic & Microscopic Test
• Pull-Off Test & Cross-Cut Test

Non-destructive Tests

• Dimensional Control
• Ultrasonic Thickness Control
• Radiographic Test(RT)
• Ultrasonic Test(UT)
• Magnetic Particle Test(MT)
• Liquid Penetrant Test(PT)
• Visual Inspection(VT)
• Positive Material Identification (PMI)
• Hydrostatic Pressure Test, Pneumatic Pressure Test
• Ultrasonic Lamination Test
• Dry Film Thickness, Wet Film Thickness
• Holiday (Spark) Test
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